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What is covered by this regulation?

All the information that we hold on you personally, name, address, email address, matriculation, College etc and any mails you have sent us - collectively the “Data”.

What may we do with the “Data”?

Our use of the “Data” is confined to advancing the objectives of the Society. It will never be shared with any third party, except - if you consent - the Oxford University Alumni Office, solely for the purpose of keeping their database up-to-date.

  1. If you give us full consent we may contact you for purposes within the scope of the statement above and also pass relevant information on “Data” changes to the Oxford Alumni Office.
  2. If you give us restricted consent we shall continue to contact you as in 1. but will not pass “Data” changes to the Oxford University Alumni Office
  3. If you fail to give us consent or refuse consent we may not use the “Data” in any way whatsoever - including sending you mails reminding you to opt-in or for any other purpose.

    Your c
    onsent  may be revoked at any time

Impact of the extension of the Data Protection Regulations in 2018

Simply put the EU Data Protection Regulations which come into force in April 2018 mean that we cannot  continue to communicate with you - our members - unless you give us your specific consent to do so. You can give or refuse consent using the button at the bottom of the page.
Please read the options in “What may we do with the data” below before completing the form!

If you do not  give us your consent, or if you decline your consent you will not hear from us after April 31st

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