Suffolk shares with Oxford a wealth of history and historic buildings.The OUS-Suffolk Alumni group aims to build current, active links between County, City and University.

After a period of relative inactivity, during which the Group has been held together by a small, dedicated but diminishing band of members, we continue the process of re-animation 2017!

We rely predominantly on e-mail, word-of-mouth and this website to reach as many people in the County who have connections with Oxford but who may be unaware of the Group’s existence!

Suffolk is a large County and we try to hold meetings in a number of locations to make it easier for people to attend. We also plan more divers events to supplement the traditional formats - which will however continue. If you would like to join us and are not already receiving emails from us please send your details to or use the link above

If you know someone who might qualify and be interested please send their details to us - ideally including an email address - so that we may contact them.

At the AGM on 20th July 2016 Richard Ackers replaced Roger Ford as Chairman, Richard continues also as Webmaster and Membership Secretary.  At the 2018 AGM, The Chairman, Treasurer (John Bridges) Oliver Forder Roger Ford  and David Ives continue as Members of the Committee.

Roger Forder and David Ives assume special responsibility for event identification and organisation. Subsequent to the meeting David Ives was appointed Branch Secretary

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